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Wild Horses of the Summer Sun

A wondrous story of adventure and friendship. Woman in the Wilderness meets Wild.

‘Blame it or praise it, there is no denying the wild horse in us.’ – Virginia Woolf
What if you could steal time out just for yourself each year, a brief reprieve from ordinary life and its responsibilities? Wild Horses of the Summer Sun is author Tory Bilski’s witty, sometimes poignant, account of her annual ‘horse sabbaticals’ to Iceland. She and her travelling companions exhilarate in their freedom, the spectacular scenery, the midnight sun energy and the Icelandic horses that connect deeply to the soul. Each year brings a new discovery about Iceland, about herself and about her relationships with the other women who revel in the freedom to be their most ‘ridiculous selves’. Over the years, their friendships deepen as they grow older together, whilst keeping each other young.I am wildly free, giddily so, the long-forgotten impulses of my youth awakening and leaving my heart in flight mode … We are what we venture.