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‘Dear Mr & Mrs Jones, I am writing to inform you of my withdrawal from the race to keep up with you…’

And so begins Slow, written by Aussie Brooke McAlary to help capture her transition from frazzled, despondent hamster-on-the-wheel to slower and more simple living. With a focus on spending less time on some things (work, scrolling social media, buying new stuff all the time) to have more time for things that matter most to her: family, reading, pottering around the garden, Brooke hits many nails on the head throughout the book!

I really, really enjoyed reading Slow. Part memoir, part practical companion, there is nothing preachy about this book (which I have found in other similar-ish titles) but it gave me many ‘a-ha!’ moments along the way.

Like the whole busy thing – we are all busy, right? But why can I find time to scroll mindlessly through social media feeds 185014 times a day, but not to call my sister in Tassie once a week? This is perhaps the biggest thing I have chosen to focus on right now; Brooke’s message about slow living is really about taking it one step at a time. Not only is this practical, but it makes it completely accessible.

So I’ve become more aware of my habit, and I’ve learnt: it’s ok to check social media, but not at the expense of more important activities – like, say, keeping in touch with family or friends who live interstate or overseas; or playing with my little boy after he’s been at day care all day.

There is so much more to Slow than this, but this is just one bite-sized nugget that has helped start me towards a slower living path.

I highly recommend this little gem to anyone who is looking for some practical tips on how to actually move away from the fast lane and gently dip their toes into a slower living lifestyle.

Reviewed by Celeste