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The Little Book of Lost Words

In The Little Book of Lost Words, history buff Joe Gillard presents a handy guide for expressing yourself with history’s best words.

An A-Z collection of some of the most unique words in history, this delightful book deals with surprisingly modern issues – such as sleeping in and procrastination – proving that while our language may change, humans do not!

The Little Book of Lost Words presents each term ready for modern-day use, complete with definition, hilarious sample sentence and cheeky historical art. You’ll learn new words for your favourite cosy space (snuggery), for a dishonest politician (snollygoster), and for a youth who sleeps through the day and doesn’t work (dewdropper). If you like Lost in Translation, Shakespeare Insults Generator, Drunk History and Roald Dahl – and if you enjoy the way words like blatteroon and flapdoodle roll off the tongue – then you’re the word-lover this book was written for.

Want to know what it is to groke or to latibulate? Read this book!