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Private Gardens of Aotearoa

Author: Suzanne Turley

Suzanne Turley – one of New Zealand’s most sought-after landscape designers – has created many of the country’s most desirable…

My Folks Grew Up in the ’80s

Author: Beck & Robin Feiner

Travel back in time to the era no one has ever forgotten – the ’80s – because those outfits were…

River Song

Author: Mark Cloutier

‘Although there’s plenty of practical advice here, this book is more about why we fish, what makes it special and…

This is How We Change the Ending

Author: Vikki Wakefield

I have questions I’ve never asked. Worries I’ve never shared. Thoughts that circle and collide and die screaming because they…

How the Stars Came to Be

Author: Poonam Mistry

Have you ever wondered how the stars came to be in the sky? The Fisherman’s Daughter loved to dance in…


Author: Sally Coulthard

Ever wondered why we touch wood, salute magpies, skip over cracks and throw salt over our shoulders? Then Sally Coulthard has…

The Little Book of Lost Words

Author: Joe Gillard

In The Little Book of Lost Words, history buff Joe Gillard presents a handy guide for expressing yourself with history’s best…

Face It: A Memoir

Author: Debbie Harry

BRAVE, BEAUTIFUL AND BORN TO BE PUNK DEBBIE HARRY is a musician, actor, activist and the iconic face of New…


Author: Holly George-Warren

It’s been said Janis Joplin was second only to Bob Dylan as the ‘creator-recorder-embodiment of her generation’s mythology’. But how…

Morning Glory on the Vine

Author: Joni Mitchell

Originally handcrafted in 1971 as a gift for friends, this edition of Joni Mitchell’s best-loved poems, illustrations, watercolours and hand-lettered…

Act of Grace

Author: Anna Krien

Australian soldier Toohey returns from Baghdad in 2003 with shrapnel in his neck, crippled by PTSD and white-knuckling life. In…

The Woman Who Cracked the Anxiety Code

Author: Judith Hoare

The true story of the little-known mental-health pioneer who revolutionised how we see the defining problem of our era- anxiety….

Maybe the Horse Will Talk

Author: Elliot Perlman

Warm, dramatic, and at times laugh-out-loud funny, with the narrative pull of a thriller, Maybe the Horse Will Talk is a love…

There Was Still Love

Author: Favel Parrett

The profoundly moving new novel from the critically acclaimed and Miles Franklin shortlisted author of Past the Shallows and When the Night Comes….

The Forest Feast Mediterranean

Author: Erin Gleeson

For years, Forest Feast readers have been transported to Erin Gleeson’s picturesque cabin in the woods through her stunning photography…

Joseph Banks’ Florilegium

Author: Mel Gooding

A full-colour publication of the botanical illustrations commissioned by Joseph Banks, with expert commentaries.


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